PostgreSQL consulting

Ohmu has a long experience in creating highly available, very large scale database systems on top of PostgreSQL. We can help you design your database systems to be highly available and to make your systems scale both horizontally and vertically to support very large user and transaction counts.

In case you have a legacy system that you need to migrate from, we have plenty of experience in handling complex data migrations from other open source and proprietary database systems.

PostgreSQL support

Have a problem in your system that you need the help of an expert to solve? Ohmu offers support contracts with predefined SLA's in case you hit issues in your production systems. A support contract also gives application developers a source for expert advice for PostgreSQL related questions.

Our support contracts also let you know of what is happening in the world of PostgreSQL and we pro-actively also send you notifications of important upgrades or other things you should take into account in the maintenance of your database setup. The support contracts can also be tailored around specific requirements.

PostgreSQL training

PostgreSQL training offering consists of open enrollment courses and tailor-made courses for specific needs and purposes.

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