professional database and
scalability services

Ohmu is a database and scalability consulting boutique founded in 2010 on the simple idea that excellence is based on the right people. We believe simple, elegant and open solutions are the right way to address complex problems.

We are generalists with background in designing and implementing efficient and secure solutions for large scale systems and scaling out database and storage systems on cost-effective hardware. Our solutions are based on robust open source software.

Ohmu has a long experience in creating highly available, very large scale database systems on top of PostgreSQL. We can help you design your database systems to be highly available and to make your systems scale both horizontally and vertically to support very large user and transaction counts.

Our services

PostgreSQL consulting

Fully managed SQL database with high-availability and automated backups

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PostgreSQL training

Advanced courses for PostgreSQL users and administrators

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Our fully-managed cloud database service

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